All of our Norfolk honey is available in 1 lb recyclable glass jars with metal screw-top lids. We do not sell tiny fancy jars at inflated prices as we believe in maintaining the tradition of selling honey by the lb.

No wholesale prices available as we can sell all of our honey, directly to local consumers every year at a fair price and so we do not need to give a margin to retailers.

You can only buy our honey and some fine artisan bread and cakes from our other business, Hempnall Village Bakery or contact us for more information. Please note that if there is no honey available on the Hempnall Village Bakery website, it is because we do not currently have any in bottles – it is only available when it is on that website.

Raw Norfolk Honey

Every year, as much honey as possible is gathered with the minimum processing required to get it into jars.

Uncapping honeycomb.

The combs are uncapped and spun in a centrifugal extractor to get the liquid honey out of the combs. It is then gravity filtered through a sieve which allows fine particles of pollen to remain in the honey before being bottled straight away before it can crystalise.

Honey extraction.

There is no official definition of “Raw honey” but this honey has never been warmed or fine-filtered so it retains all of the enzymes and pollen.

Bottling the honey.

Minimally Processed Norfolk Honey

Sadly, because there is never have enough time or jars to get the entire harvest bottled before it crystallises in the buckets, it is sometimes necessary to gently warm the honey that has set in buckets in order to bottle it.

This honey has not been fine filtered and is only gently warmed to 49.5ºC in a honey warmer which was custom built by Daniel to have an accuracy of 0.1ºC. It is NOT pasteurised at this temperature and the honey will not be significantly altered by this short and gentle warming.

Set and Runny

Spring harvests are predominantly from Oilseed Rape nectar and form a lovely, white, spreadable set honey. This one is great on bread or toast or in porridge or your morning beverage.

Set Honey 1lb jar

Summer harvests are from a plethora of wildflowers, shrubs, trees and legumes and this is honey does not crystallise as quickly as the Spring harvest so it will often remain liquid in the jars for a long time. This is the runny honey and usually has a very floral flavour.

Runny honey 1lb jar

Runny honey is best served with Greek Yoghurt and your favourite chopped nuts and is great for use in dressings. It’s also delicious with bread and toast. Please go to Hempnall Bakery if you need some bread on which to spread.