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Welcome to Hempnall Honey Co.

We have runny honey and creamed honey available by the lb from our base in Hempnall.  Our price for honey is £6/lb.

Daniel, our founder and beekeeper left his full time job in April 2014 to focus on growing the beekeeping operation and on setting up new business lines including apple juice, cider, vinegars, dressings, cosmetics and polishes.

In partnership with his friend, Kristian, Daniel has set up Norfolk Scrumpers LLP, a small, sustainable company which can press and pasteurise apple juice from batches of apples as small as 50lb, all the way up to commercial pressings of several tons. They can press for cider makers or pasteurise, bottle and label your apple and pear juice so you can sell it, or share it with friends and family.


Hannah, our current head of quality control, bottling and tasting has launched an artisan bakery where you can buy our products online for local delivery or collection from us.


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